For 40 years, Amy Aines has been improving leadership effectiveness and business performance through communications.


For 35 years, Amy Aines has been improving leadership effectiveness and business performance through communications.

In 1999 Amy left Vodafone AirTouch to create Damianakes Communications, a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders effectively tell their company story, deliver results and navigate change.

Now Damianakes Communications specializes in helping leaders use communications to build success cultures and helping scientists build support for their work. In November of 2017, Founder Amy Aines began partnering with Waterhouse Brands a consultancy creating high-impact brands for mission-driven healthcare companies. There, Amy serves as Chief Culture Strategist. In 2020, after the publication of Championing Science – Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers, Amy created Talking STEM, a program of online courses to teach fundamental communication skills to STEM graduates and early career professionals.


Amy’s versatility as a strategic communicator stands out. She is a reputation builder, messaging strategist, employee motivator, change manager, workshop designer, speaker coach and storyteller, all in one. For Amy, words matter.

Experience has shown Amy that company culture is the oft-neglected foundation for success. Helping leaders tap the power of Values-based leadership is her passion and focus. Since 1999 her work as CEO of Damianakes Communications has made a difference to a multitude of biotech, healthcare, telecommunications and technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Before launching her consulting venture, Amy held a variety of communications management positions for telecommunications and wireless companies including AirTouch, Pacific Telesis Group, PacTel Spectrum Services and Coastcom.

Over the years she honed her skills in public relations, employee communications, advertising, product documentation, technical writing, financial communications, crisis management and marketing communications. She has spent decades serving as a corporate spokesperson and providing counsel to senior executives to improve their ability to communicate with impact.

1999 – Present



Product Marketeer

Technical Writer

Advertising Strategist

Documentation Developer


PacTel Spectrum Services

Publicity Seeker

Product Promoter

Messaging Strategist

Employee Communicator


Pacific Telesis Group

Reputation Builder

Media Spokesperson

Speaker Coach

Financial Communicator

Crisis Preventer


AirTouch Communications

Brand Builder

Culture Architect

Employee Motivator

Change Enabler

1999 – Present

Damianakes Communications

Culture Strategist

Values-based Leadership Coach

Speaker Coach


Workshop Designer

Meeting Facilitator