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In collaboration with geochemist and climate scientist Roger Aines, PhD, I am co-authoring a book to help scientists design and deliver talks that compel action.

Roger and I are inspired to write by the belief that breakthroughs in science often happen by building on small ideas. Our goal is to help scientists make sure their good ideas get heard.

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Keeping Your People Focused
Workshop Overview

This workshop introduces you to the FOCUS model for effective leadership communications. During the first segment, you will review ways to generate alignment around strategy and goals and how to build a culture of accountability; three fundamental elements of keeping your people focused on results. The second segment examines opportunities to differentiate, generate ideas and gain efficiencies. You will also review the importance of putting news, decisions and performance in context for your people. The final segment of the workshop series centers on the human dimensions of leadership. You will look at the impact that listening, authenticity and flexibility has on people and review how to use expectation setting, courage and positivity to instill a success mindset.

Workshop Format
Listen. Learn. Take Action. Connect. The workshop can be offered onsite as a half-day session or as a three-part web workshop. It will cover key concepts and give you an opportunity to complete an action planning worksheet with specific leadership communications steps you will take as a result of what you learn. You also will be invited to participate in a Linked In community of leaders who want an ongoing exchange on this important topic. Ideally you will want to attend the sessions in numerical order but it is possible to enroll in a single topic if you prefer or to participate in any sequence that fits your availability.

Web-Workshop Format
Session content will be covered in about 30 minutes. The last 10 to 15 minutes of each session will be dedicated to live Q&A. If you are unable to attend the Q&A you will be invited to join a Linked In group where you can view the Q&A, submit questions and participate in a community of leaders sharing ideas and best practices.

Session 1
Fundamentals – Communicating Strategy and Goals and Creating a Culture of Accountability

Session 2
Opportunities and Context –Generating Ideas, Creating Efficiency, Putting News, Decisions and Performance in Context

Session 3
Understanding and Spirit –Building Trust through Listening, Authenticity and Flexibility and Creating a Success Mindset

Who Should Attend
Keeping Your People Focused is designed for small business leaders and people managers from companies of all sizes across all industries. It will be a refresher for experienced executives and a rich tutorial for new managers. Human Resource and Corporate Communications professionals will learn what they can do to help develop stronger leaders who use effective communications to build employee trust and inspire higher levels of performance.

Join the Community
You are invited to join a community of leaders and communicators who participate in the Keeping Your People Focused Community on Linked In. The purpose of this group is for sharing effective leadership communications ideas, insights and practices. Topics include how to improve productivity and keep employees focused on growing revenues, cutting costs, delighting customers and building strong brands.

About the Workshop Leader
Amy Aines packs over 25 years of experience into a three-part webinar series. Participants leave with a plan for becoming more visible, connected leaders who inspire their people to new levels of success. Her work has helped companies across industries grow revenues, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction and build strong brands.

Damianakes Communications also offers this program onsite as a workshop. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing the program to your organization.