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communications consulting to improve business performance


In collaboration with geochemist and climate scientist Roger Aines, PhD, I am co-authoring a book to help scientists design and deliver talks that compel action.

Roger and I are inspired to write by the belief that breakthroughs in science often happen by building on small ideas. Our goal is to help scientists make sure their good ideas get heard.

Want to get better at presenting complex technical or scientific topics? Check out our blog at www.championingscience.com and sign up to receive tools and tips to help you be your best in front of any audience.



"When I needed clarity and direction for my business, Amy knew exactly what to do. She brought clarity to how I describe my media and art consulting services. We dissected our existing portfolio, identified new markets, repositioned images and overhauled the text.

Her words were the perfect reflection of my work and helped me appeal to a broader target market.She has an extraordinary ability to listen and apply marketing expertise. It is already bringing me new business."

Deborah Roundtree
Roundtree Visuals

"Our new website is awesome. Thanks for taking us into the next era of EASi via the information super highway. Your efforts overall have really helped the organization as a whole unearth and communicate what it is we do and what it is that represents value to the market."

Don Gillotti
Vice President, Sales
Equity Administration Solutions, Inc.


"Amy showed me how to repackage what I told Wall Street analysts to make it more meaningful to 13,000 employees. She helped me build a relationship with employees that motivated them to focus on customers and deliver outstanding results."

Sam Ginn
Former Chairman and CEO, AirTouch Communications
Former Chairman Vodafone


"As part of a major corporate restructuring, Amy partnered with me to launch a new Shared Services operation. Her invaluable counsel and communications support helped my team manage sensitive outsourcing and procurement situations without losing key employees during the transition."

Gary Schindler
Executive Vice President and General Manager,
Shared Services AirTouch


"Thanks to Amy's coaching I've conquered my fear of public speaking. She taught me how to capitalize on my strengths and channel my nervous energy in ways that greatly improve my delivery."

Nancy Floyd
Managing Director and Founder
Nth Power Technologies,
A venture capital firm specializing in opportunities arising from restructuring of the global energy marketplace

"Amy helped me deliver a compelling graduation speech to students at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. She worked with me every step of the way -- writing the speech, helping me own the words and rehearsing. I couldn't have done it without her."

Arun Sarin
Former Chief Executive Officer - Vodafone


"Amy showed me how to control media interviews. I learned how to get my message across and keep even the most tenacious reporters from getting more from me than I was willing to say."

Arun Sarin
Former Chief Executive Officer - Vodafone

"Amy is a pro. I always knew that when she was involved, I would be well prepared for any communications challenge -- whether it was dealing with the media or any other audience."

Sue Swenson
CEO Sage North America


"When I hired Amy Aines to facilitate two Cisco meetings, she came with excellent references. However, experiencing Amy at work in the sessions spoke much louder than the references. Her ability to facilitate difficult meetings is outstanding and this becomes clear during her meeting preparation. The preparation includes a structured approach to asking pertinent questions to prepare for the session. One of Amy's unique skills is her capability to come up to speed on a new topic, including all the associated acronyms. During the meetings, her professionalism is exceptional and she appropriately keeps the room on track to meet the stated objectives. When necessary, Amy is able to adapt to changes in the approach to ensure the meeting goals are achieved."

Lori Fontana
Senior Manager, Cisco


"To support the spin-off of Facet Biotech from PDL, Amy partnered with our leadership team to articulate a set of values to drive a high performance culture at our new company. She was instrumental in revising our approach to Performance Management and Career Development to align with the culture. She worked closely with my team to launch and communicate both. She is an ideal thought partner, seasoned communicator and skilled facilitator who made invaluable contributions to our work."

Gwen Carscadden
Former Vice President, Human Resources
Facet Biotech