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communications consulting to improve business performance


In collaboration with geochemist and climate scientist Roger Aines, PhD, I am co-authoring a book to help scientists design and deliver talks that compel action.

Roger and I are inspired to write by the belief that breakthroughs in science often happen by building on small ideas. Our goal is to help scientists make sure their good ideas get heard.

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  leadership communications

Helping leaders influence employees, colleagues, analysts and
other important audiences. Ideal for executives leading organizations facing management challenges, preparing to go public or undergoing significant change.


  • Build a Results-Focused Organization
  • Link Vision, Mission and Values to the Bottom Line
  • Communicate in an Authentic Voice
  • Foster Two-Way Communication
  • Deliver Presentations with Impact
  • Leverage Communications Tools

CASE STUDY - Accountable Messengers - Helping Managers Become Primary Communicators

The Problem
Employees wanted to hear information from their own manager - the person uniquely qualified to put information in context and make it relevant. Busy managers often didn't see communications as part of their job description and weren't motivated to fill this important role.

The Communications Solution
An e-mail "Talk It Up" program providing content and direction to prepare managers to become primary communicators by:

  • Scripting packages with easy-to-follow talking points;
  • Recommending ways to foster two-way communication;
  • Designing modular materials, easily tailored to varied audiences;
  • Measuring usage and quickly gathering feedback to drive continuous improvement.
The Results
  • Ninety-five percent of managers highly rated the "Talk It Up" tools;
  • Data confirmed greater accountability for communicating was required;
  • HR introduced a Managers' Standard of Excellence model with "Communicator" as the central role;
  • HR modified performance management tool to specify communications requirements and drive increased use of "Talk It Up" tools.


"Amy showed me how to repackage what I told Wall Street analysts to make it more meaningful to 13,000 employees. She helped me build a relationship with employees that motivated them to focus on customers and deliver outstanding results."

Sam Ginn
Former Chairman and CEO, AirTouch Communications
Former Chairman Vodafone