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WORDS MATTER. WHAT you say, WHEN you say it and HOW your message is delivered DRIVES RESULTS.
Amy Aines
CEO and Founder
communications consulting to improve business performance


In collaboration with geochemist and climate scientist Roger Aines, PhD, I am co-authoring a book to help scientists design and deliver talks that compel action.

Roger and I are inspired to write by the belief that breakthroughs in science often happen by building on small ideas. Our goal is to help scientists make sure their good ideas get heard.

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Damianakes Communications helps leaders create high performing organizations where goals, vision, mission, culture and people practices are well articulated and aligned to drive results. We position and market companies and their products, technologies, programs and services. Our expertise also includes providing public speaking, media and other specialty training to help clients be at their best.

  what clients are saying
  "Amy showed me how to repackage what I told Wall Street analysts to make it more meaningful to 13,000 employees. She helped me build a relationship with employees that motivated them to focus on customers and deliver outstanding results."
        Sam Ginn
Former Chairman & CEO,
AirTouch Communications 
Former Chairman Vodafone 

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