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In collaboration with geochemist and climate scientist Roger Aines, PhD, I am co-authoring a book to help scientists design and deliver talks that compel action.

Roger and I are inspired to write by the belief that breakthroughs in science often happen by building on small ideas. Our goal is to help scientists make sure their good ideas get heard.

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  Amy Aines

Amy Aines has spent more than 30 years improving business performance through communications.

Amy specializes in helping companies get results by effectively telling their story, galvanizing employee efforts and navigating change. She has successfully positioned, launched and promoted a wide array of companies, technologies, initiatives and programs. Her clients have effectively engaged employees to deliver results. Amy has coached hundreds of executives and managers to make the most of all communications, media and public speaking opportunities.

Building favorable corporate reputations has been the cornerstone of Amy's career. She partners with business leaders to create and sustain high-performance organizations where employees understand how to achieve company goals and deliver on brand promises. She has been instrumental in the development of Vision, Mission and Values statements and ensuring alignment with practices for hiring, orienting, rewarding and recognizing employees. Taking a systems view, Amy creates leadership frameworks for effectively managing corporate culture to ensure business is conducted in a manner that reinforces the desired company image and reputation with customers, employees, shareholders and other key stakeholders.

Generating employee support during times of change is one of AmyĆ­s strengths. She has successfully managed force reductions, cultural integrations, mergers, policy changes, technology introductions and restructuring activities. Her work has enabled companies to sustain employee productivity, realize synergies, streamline processes and capture significant cost savings. Amy works with leaders and managers to ensure they follow a proven change methodology.

Amy designs and facilitates a wide variety of meetings, focus groups and workshops. She is known for driving teams to accomplish ambitious objectives and for preparing thoroughly to make the most of the time allotted. Her engaging style and flexibility ensures the success of the meetings she leads. She is equally skilled at managing training sessions and forums with small work teams and diverse employee or management groups of all sizes.

An accomplished speechwriter and presenter, Amy has served as master of ceremonies for employee meetings and lectured at industry association events on communications topics. In addition, she has co-taught public speaking at Santa Barbara City College and appeared on national and local television as a corporate spokesperson on business issues. Her spokesperson development efforts result in consistent message delivery and favorable company positioning.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in marketing communications, public relations, employee communications, organizational development, crisis avoidance, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and change management, Amy helps client companies deliver strong results through values-based leadership and strategic marketing and employee communications. Her breadth of skills and experience enables her to provide valued counsel on a wide range of business issues.

Before starting her consulting venture in 1999, Amy held a variety of communications management positions for telecommunications and wireless companies including Pacific Telesis Group, PacTel Corporation, AirTouch and Vodafone AirTouch. She served as Director of Communications at AirTouch with responsibility for executive and employee communications for the domestic business units and all merger communications. After serving as public relations manager for start-up PacTel Spectrum Services, Amy was recruited by parent company Pacific Telesis Group to become corporate media spokesperson for the $10 billion enterprise, with responsibility for providing public relations counsel to senior executives and managing financial disclosure and public policy communications. As communications manager for Coastcom, Amy oversaw public relations, employee communications, advertising, product documentation, technical planning, and marketing communications.